Friday, 17 June 2011

Record claimed but no cigar

Well that was my first serious effort at the SPT Roundabout Challenge (Thursday 16th June 2011).  I finished quite a long way short of a 100% result and learned a few lessons that should give me a chance of beating my score of 106 stations out of 140 on my next attempt.  Oh yes! There will be future attempts.

My first train from my first station left Cumbernauld at 9.10 and my last station stop was at Croy at 23.13. In total I travelled on 25 different trains including a few of the rather smart new class 380 electrics. Most trains were on time and I only missed one connection but that did cost half an hour on a lonely platform with a plague of midges. The fact that it was a nice sunny day helped as it made the sections where I walked between stations quite pleasant. Somehow I finished up with a large blister on my heel - must be going soft.

I realise with hindsight that I started the attempt from the wrong place and that I wasted a lot of time at small stations at the extremities of the ticket coverage where not every train stopped. There was too much backtracking and several stations got visited more than twice - not very efficient. Euler would not have been impressed. I missed the 15 low hanging fruit on the Subway - not good planning,

I will put up a separate post with the boring detail for anybody who is a real geek but BE AWARE.

Until I hear otherwise I am claiming the SPT Roundabout Challenge record for most stations visited on one ticket.

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