Monday, 13 June 2011

The SPT Roundabout Challenge - Theory

For my next Rail Challenge I decided that I need something a bit easier on the wallet.  Hence the SPT Roundabout Challenge.

This challenge is  based on a one day Off Peak Roundabout ticket costing £5.60 and allowing unlimited travel on the Glasgow Subway and large parts of the Glasgow Suburban Railway network. 

According to the current leaflet the ticket covers 125 stations on the suburban network and 15 on the Subway. This count lists Central Low Level and Queen Street Low level as separate stations.

The aim is to visit every station during a day. A visit involves either getting on or off a train at the station or travelling on a train while it stops at the station. The nature of the network means that steps will have to be retraced. Walking between stations is permitted.

This challenge is not to be confused with the Glasgow Subcrawl.
See this link

I plan to have a go at the Roundabout Challenge on Thursday 16th June.

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